Independent Consulting Agrologist Network

The Independent Consulting Agrologist Network (ICAN) is a group of independent consultants providing crop production advice to producers in Western Canada. Each consultant advises on a minimum of 10,000 acres and takes pride in helping their customers maximize their crop production. ICAN members must meet their provincial requirements for practicing agrology, abide by a Code of Ethics, and meet an annually approved standard of continuing education to build on their agronomic knowledge base. 

By choosing to partner with one of our members, farmers tap into the agronomic skills and experience of that consultant. They also gain a professional who recognizes the benefits of working with a network of agrologists to gain education, insight and resources.



The Independent Consulting Agrologist Network (ICAN) most recently met with the New Zealand World Record holder for wheat yields and Technical Staff from Monsanto, DuPont, and Koch Industries. They also had a bearpit session on variable-rate seed and fertilizer with air drill maufacturers. Thanks to this years conference organizer, Troy Laforge of Ultimate Yield.

The 2013 conference is being organized in Saskatoon by Cory Willness. Please contact him if you are interested.

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